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Castle Tavern

Tel: 01463 718178

Web: click here

Castle Tavern Inverness

1 View Place,
Inverness, IV2 4SA

The Castle Tavern is a very popular bar and restaurant situated at the top of Castle Street. Very busy in the summer with tourists (and locals taking advantage of that one sunny day) due to the outside terrace that looks onto the castle. The price of quality beers such as Weiheinstephan have gone through the roof lately which (along with the landlord's reaction at Man Utd getting horsed in the 2011 Champions League Final) led to a close friend of Urbarred being barred. This has inconvenienced us greatly. Good food.

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Good selection of ales and excellent service. This has to be the number one venue for a good pint in Inverness! Other plus points are good food and a nice beer garden/terrace (which is more than useable in winter!)

Although there's no music, we'd highly recommend this establishment!

15 August 2013 Shoopo

Great place for a good beer and some craic and quality view. Also, went here for a valentines meal and it was absolutely fantastic. Service brilliant, staff very attentive and food was sublime and atmosphere very becomming of a veletines night out. We still talk about that night, it was great. Bar area a bit small, but hey, you can only p with the c you've got. The staff make this place one of the best.

14 December 2012 marcoiiiii

Very small inside. Regulars sitting at the bar blocking you getting served is annoying. Outside is normally freezing as its in a natural wind corridor and on that one nice day with no wind it has amazing views. However as with all bars if you don't smoke be prepared to passive smoke for a while. Oh and there is a TV outside for the viewing of ........Thats right the ubiquitous chav recreational sport - Football. Yes typical pub nuff said.

28 August 2012 BenMacDuibh

A few of us went in.
Cramped. When I went to the bar, my English pals were aghast at how attitude changed when they heard a west coast accent.
Cold wet day and no heating. Just like the staff.
Anyone who recommends buying a £25 fleece in this place would never understand the irony of such a plug. Plenty of rent-a-recommend on here.

25 May 2012 tattie

Busy pub still great food and atmosphere and it's still called the castle tavern !!!! good old

25 January 2012 Sandyr

The Castle Tavern,
As always George runs an excellent establishment. The food is delicious and his beer and liquor selections are many.
Consistency is your Trademark George.
I would highly recomend this Pub for excellent 'nourishment'....
Sandyr/ Canada

06 April 2011 The Ravens Claw

£4.30 a pint of wieheinstephan!!! Did alcohol go up in the budget? No it did not. Shame on you landlord (it must be you setting the price as its cheaper elswhere). A 30p rise is an absolute joke.

13 September 2010 The-Uppity-1

Not my regular haunt but really like the idea of being able to sit outside, smoke, drink and watch the match. Full of tourists though.

31 May 2010 Jamie & Alice

Yet again The Castle Tavern didn't let us down.

Visited recently for the first time in 8 months and its still top draw, the food was exceptional, Great to see the new menu with plenty more options that the old one, That was the only thing that let it down in previos visits, but there really is something for everyone now.

The beer was well kept and of a superior quality, and as usualy there was a wide selection of malts, plus I like the idea of the whisky of the months at £2.50 a throw.

Staff as ever were very friendly, service was fantastic, and there were no idiots in!

Its a pub that you can go and have a quiet drink in, even when its busy.

16 December 2009 Daffyduck

A great wee pub, plenty of well kept real ales. I visited for the 1st time a couple of weeks ago and found the staff very helpful and friendly and enjoyed a very nice lunch.

08 December 2009 goldmember

Very small pub, but serves a great ale and very good service. Never eaten in the place but food always looks good when it comes out!

20 October 2009 A Visitor

Very nice little pub, I highly recommend a visit, great staff and superb pints and great location.

15 October 2009 Drunken Bum

They serve a damn fine pint in here!

06 July 2009 bjc1991

Went to their recently restaurant upstairs, away from the hustle and bustle of busy bar. Food brrilliant! Would say it beats anywhere else in the town, waitress lovely and polite catered our every needs, reasonably priced afger our meal sat downstairs and got the craic with some americans. You just have to go there yourself!

07 April 2009 doublevc

A cracking pub - great selection of beers and a really good atmosphere.

17 February 2009 ayeayesteakandkidneypie

A great boozer, probably the best in town these days. The beer is exceptionally well looked after and there is a great selection. A great atmosphere in the place, never any bother and excellent value, very fresh food too! Can't recommend it highly enough, go and try it for yourself!

01 August 2008 Jamie&Alice

The best drinking pub in Inverness, all the draught and real ales are well looked after, the food was fantastic, on many different visits.The whisky selection is good and the views from the beer garden are the best you could ask for.

Visit this pub, sit back, relax and enjoy.

And a Castle Tavern fleece at £25, well worth it!

24 June 2008 Seal Beach, CAL

Hello to all in Inverness!
We are 4 old California girls that happened to wander into The Castle Tavern while on vacation. We had a fabulous time with great company, cider, and food. Thanks Charlie.....from your angels! C,K,K,& C

10 November 2007 spooty

slight improvement but still not that keen on this place.

28 October 2007 tattie

friendly pub good view nice supper and great pint

01 September 2007 celticghirl

Went for my birthday and will never return! Twelve of us went and food was cold and so was everyone's around us - one person didn't even get their food - when we complained we were told there there were no chefs on just "other people" cooking! Tried to charge us for the meal that was never received! Wrote polite letter to George MacLean due to his reputation which he never replied to.

28 August 2007 johno899

Alright pub felt a bit crampped and seemed lacking in nearly all departments.

09 July 2007 Camy

Best place to go when it's sunny and a total sun trap of a beer garden.

27 April 2007 Drunken Bum

Had a couple of pints of the Weihenstephan out in the beer garden here last week. Why is it beer garden beer tastes that much sweeter?

28 March 2007 thejollysnapper

George Maclean. not John. Probably best known publican in Inverness. Basic mistake shows your lack of knowledge of pub scene. [cheers for picking up the typo, too much watching Die Hard I guess - Ed]

27 February 2007 The Ravens Claw

Superb. Its got wieheinstephan Heffe (the lovely cloudy nectar of the gods). Roll on summer!!

22 February 2007 The Ravens Claw

Yesterday i went past this pub and got a total chubby when i clocked a wieheinstephaner sign. Could it be? If ever there were a drink on tap to take a pubs rating up several points this is it! Gonna investigate tomorrow. Dearly hope i'm not disappointed.

21 February 2007 Ray Bees

Yeah i think it's now called The Castle Tavern or something like that. What's with all the pubs being sold recently??

17 January 2007 folly

Just a quick update - Harlequin has been bought at last!

And the new owners are looking at developing it as a new real ale pub!(Well, I'm excited anyway!)


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