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  1. 7.2 Hush
  2. 6.9 Ironworks
  3. 6.3 The Den
  4. 4.7 Cake
  5. 4.6 Cactus Jak's - Now Closed
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Going out in Inverness

Inverness, capital of the Highlands can provide some cracking nights out, but most of the time it's a nightmare trying to find out what's good and what's not.

Inverness Pubs, Clubs & Festivals

We aim to compile a comprehensive source of information about the pubs and clubs in Inverness. You can find out what sort of place it is, where it is and what's on. But we also want your input - where are your favourite drinking holes and which ones are rough as a badger's arse?

Rate and Comment On the Pubs of Inverness

What's your favourite pub in Inverness? Hootanannys? Johnny Foxes? The Market Bar? The 27? There's plenty of choice. Register and you can vote for your favourites and add your own articles about nights out in Scotland's newest city. Every pub is given a rating based purely the average user rating. So if you disagree with a rating, login and cast your vote. Better yet, leave a comment or upload a photo and let people know why you love your favourite bar.

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You can now upload any photos you have of Inverness nightlife. Add your photos of Inverness nightlife today. Great pictures of a gig you were at? Dancing madly in Hootananny? Let's see them.

Tourist Info about Inverness

What's Inverness Like?

Inverness is a very small city with lots of pubs and a few clubs. Most of these are in the city centre, within walking distance of each other. There are a couple of slightly rough areas, but nothing too bad. Due to cheap flights to Inverness Airport from London, Belfast, Bristol and Leeds amongst others the city has become a fairly popular centre for traveling stag and hen parties. Information about calories in drinks.more...

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Latest 3 Comments about Inverness Pubs & Clubs

27 February 2014 Month06 about Nellie Dean's

I'm not even sure I've been in same place as you Guys. Guitars on walls, loads of furniture etc? Popped in for a drink today and was like walking into a jumble sale. We don't expect anything special but about 4 people there, we pleasantly returned glasses and weren't thanked for custom or eye contact made. Been in pubs 40 years but this was truly cringeworthy. Maybe there are two bars in Inverness with this name.

03 February 2014 Russel Nash about Corriegarth
Corriegarth Pubs Inverness

Very nice environment post renovations. Staff welcoming,friendly and knowledgeable.good selection of beers and spirits. Food is good but not outstanding with slightly cheaper prices than its Heathmount neighbour. In a nutshell, it's a fine place to go!

03 February 2014 Russel Nash about Foxes
Johnny Foxes Pubs Inverness

Once again I find the level of service and customer care by the bar staff an absolute disgrace. For a bar that commands such an iconic location in the town and with it the face of the Highlands, the effort these clowns put in to their job it would be wise for the management to heed their customers and get it fixed. Having visited last Friday evening my colleagues and I were served our drinks in hot glasses just out of the washer, minimal ice, no slice etc. On a relatively quite period this really should not happen. Bar area still stinks of stale beer and feels sticky underfoot. Door staff do their jobs efficiently enough but hardly make you feel welcome. Queuing on the popular nights is the norm to get in often reaching up bridge street. All in all, Don't bother- nuff said!